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Do you need a hassle-free short term loan? Get an instant cash loan from CashnGo. We are one of Australia’s leading providers of small cash loans. Our mission is to make borrowing simpler, faster and cheaper for all Australians.
Our instant cash loans are a convenient way to deal with day-to-day expenses, like electricity bills, car repairs, consumer items, and medical expenses. Why struggle to pay your bills when an affordable cash loan is instantly available?
We make it simple to apply for an instant cash loan with our online application system. In most cases, applicants will find out if they are eligible for a loan immediately. If you are approved, the cash will be sent to your bank account straight away. It is a convenient way to access the funds you need today.
Our fee structure is transparent and easy-to-understand. There are no hidden charges and our automated direct debit system makes it simple to repay your loan.
We also have a friendly support team available during business hours. They can answer any questions you have about applying for a loan or the fees that are involved. Why struggle with bills when an instant cash loan is available? Contact us today to learn more or submit an application online now.


Effortless Process

Our online application process has been designed to make applying for a loan simple, convenient, and fast.

Secure Application

Our website uses 256-bit SSL encryption. All of the information you submit is fully encrypted and remains 100% confidential.

Outcome in Seconds

Our state-of-the-art technology can assess loan applications in a matter of seconds.

Instant Funds Transfer

If your application for an instant cash loan is successful, the funds will instantly be transferred to your bank account. (bank transfer delays may apply).

What Is An Instant Cash Loan?

An instant cash loan is a small personal loan which can be paid very quickly. The approval process is also designed to be extremely simple and funds are dispatched to successful applicants immediately.

Instant cash loans are unsecured loans. This means the applicant does not need to provide any security to receive the loan. Your eligibility to receive a CashnGo instant cash loan is determined by your current income levels and capacity to repay the loan. Your credit history or ability to put up collateral is not our primary concern.

Instant cash loans can be used for any purpose. The most common uses include paying for car repairs, furniture, wedding expenses, gifts, vacations, medical expenses, and utility bills. They are useful for whenever you need quick cash now.

Little Loans, Large Impact

Although the size of instant cash loans is small, they can have a dramatic impact on your life. A quick cash loan can help you avoid the stress of having unpaid bills. It can also help you get the most out of life, as you can use the money to attend weddings, catch up with friends, or buy gifts for the people you love.

Our loans have flexible repayment schedules, which can be customised to suit your current situation. You will also see all of the costs upfront, so you will know exactly what fees are associated with your loan.

So What Do I Need To Apply For A Cash Advance?


Personal details

You will need to provide some basic information with the application, including your name, address, phone number, and email address.


Bank details

One of the best reasons to use CashnGo is the speed of our loan approvals. They are fast because we use a proprietary technology that evaluates an applicant's bank account to determine their income and expenses. For this technology to work, we will need to obtain your bank account details.


Recurring Income

To be eligible for a CashnGo instant loan, you must have a recurring income. This can be a government payment, income from a job, or any other permanent source of regular income.






Can I Get An Instant Cash Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes! CashnGo places less emphasis on an applicant’s credit rating than other lenders.

We do perform some credit checks, so having good credit is beneficial for your application. However, we are more interested in your current income level and capacity to repay the loan.

We understand that many Australians have a poor credit history due to circumstances beyond their control. CashnGo aims to help these Australians easily access finance with our instant cash loans. All you need to apply for a CashnGo loan is a steady source of income.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

To apply for a CashnGo instant cash loan, you must be:

• Over the age of 18
• Receiving a steady source of income for at least 3 months before applying for a loan
• An Australian citizen or permanent resident
• Not bankrupt or in extreme financial hardship

How Can I Apply For A CashnGo Instant Cash Loan?

Getting a loan is easy! Simply use our website to lodge an application. The entire process is online and only takes a few minutes. Loan applications can be submitted via a computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other internet-connected device.

When Will My Money Arrive?

The best part of getting an instant cash loan from CashnGo is the speed with which the cash arrives. Once you have been approved for a loan, we will instantly send the cash to your nominated bank account.

How Can I Use An Instant Cash Loan?

You can spend your money on anything. Common uses for our instant cash loans include:

• Car repairs
• Veterinary bills
• Wedding expenses
• Student expenses
• Medical bills
• Consumer items
• Cash for going on holiday

What Are The Fees Involved?

We use a very simple fee structure. When you obtain an instant cash loan, there is a 20% establishment fee. There is also a monthly fee of 4% interest on the initial amount that you borrowed for the lifetime of the loan. There are no fees for repaying your loan early. To learn more, contact our Customer Care team on 13 13 11.

How Can I Repay My Loan?

Loan repayments can be automatically debited from your bank account weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. This makes managing your instant cash loan simple and hassle-free.

What Happens If I Can’t Pay On Time?

If direct debit fails, you will incur dishonour fees from CashnGo and your bank. If you are suffering from financial hardship, you can always call our Customer Care team on 13 13 11. We will do our best to adjust the terms of the loan so you can afford to continue making make payments.

Can I Receive An Instant Cash Loan If I Am On Centrelink Payments?

People on certain types of Centrelink payments can be eligible for a Instant Cash loan. It depends on your total income and expenses. Apply for a loan or contact us on 13 13 11 to learn more.

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