Careers At CashnGo

You’ve made it this far. Now show us what you’ve got.
Are you ready to join a team of dedicated and passionate people
working to revolutionise the lending space? Great!

Now let’s take a look at some of the perks that make it worthwhile to join the team.


Employee Perks

We offer discounts on items & experiences at better than market rates. We call it the Power of Perks and when you join CashnGo they’re in your hands.

Discounted Personal & Home Loans

Partnering with over 30 lenders, including the top four banks in Australia, our employees have access to the most competitive interest rates on the market!

Discounts On Some Important Stuff!

We offer our employees access to discounts for Life & Income Protection, Health Insurance and Utility bills. The perks just keep coming at CashnGo!

Training & Development

We understand how important it is to work for a great company with a great culture... it's equally as important for us to allow our employees access to training which will help them grow and develop.

Company Get Togethers

We work hard but also like to have some fun! You will often find us enjoying some drinks and a cheese platter on a Friday afternoon, and, the parties we host are also pretty cool. Oh and we also get fresh fruit delivered regularly.

A Great Team!

We have worked hard to build a culture that embodies who we are and who we want to be. As a result, we have an awesome team who are super passionate about what they do! This is a team you will want to join.

What drives us?

When it comes to value, we don’t hold back.

In fact, we can’t help it – it’s simply how we’re built and what we love doing. We get a kick out of pushing boundaries and serving our customers. To us, culture isn’t just words up on a wall. Our culture is embedded in everything we do and our core values define who are and how we act on a daily basis – they are at the heart of what’s makes us so unique.

So, in addition to caffeine, this is what drives us:


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Honesty & Integrity

Although we are competitive - we play fair, we play hard and we play to win - More than anything, we will always do what’s right for our people and our customers through honesty, fairness and accountability and while doing this always remaining humble.

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We’ve come a long way from two brothers working in the back of a garage. And even though we’ve grown into something bigger, how we work is still the same – bouncing ideas around, respecting and listening to each other and paving the way to make CashnGo Australia better, as a fun loving and wonderfully weird team with an 'Ohana' culture. 

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Own It!

When we say we’re on it, we’re on it. We are accountable to deliver on what we commit to. Service is our passion. Our bread and butter. So we’ll always go the extra mile – whether we’re talking to customers, partners, investors or other start-ups. We don’t just leave people feeling like we’ve done a good job – we leave them feeling inspired and knowing they’re in safe hands.

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We’re bright and curious, agile, bold and courageous, we’re tech-heads and thought-leaders. We’re goers against the grain. Our success comes from pushing the envelope, brushing up on our skills in search for a better solution, then topping it. We find new ways to inspire our customers – and each other, of course.

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Our DNA is 'Make it Happen'

We’re people of action. And we personally care about getting the job done. So when we deliver, we really deliver. No ego (just the go).

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We have a passion for what we do and who we are. We focus on our own growth and are committed to stand up for what we believe in.

Seize The Opportunity

We are embarking upon some exciting times at CashnGo. If you would like to seize the opportunity then check out the jobs we currently have open.  

Some Insight From The Team

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs