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Award Winning Fast Cash Loans From CashnGo.

Are you short on cash and need money in your bank account fast? CashnGo can help by providing cash loans online with affordable repayments to suit your needs. Forget endless paperwork and over-restrictive lending policies of the big banks who completely disregard loan applications from everyday Australians- we are here to help. We specialize in short term cash loans that are tailored just for you and can be used for any purpose - from unexpected bills, medical expenses and trips away with the family.

We are an innovative, ASIC Licensed direct lender with a vision to provide cash loans with fast approval to everyday Australians in need. Our approach is different to other lenders, we prioritize speed in the application process and provide a world-class customer service.

We focus on offering customers Fast Cash Loans Online
 with high approval rates that are processed in a matter of minutes - not days. In most cases, you will know if your loan has been approved instantly, with the funds transferred to your nominated bank account within seconds (bank transfer and processing times may differ depending on your bank). We can quickly provide the money you need to pay your bills or to make an important purchase.

Our company has developed a state-of-the-art online application process that is easy to complete. We also have a friendly support team available during business hours. They can answer any questions you have about applying for a loan or the fees that are involved.

Why struggle with bills when an instant cash loan is available? Get a hassle-free same day cash loan with CashnGo today. Submit an application online now and get an outcome in minutes.




Loan Example

Borrowing Amount

$300 - $2,000

Loan Duration

62 - 180 DAYS

Loan Fees


Benefits Of Cash Loans From CashnGo

Best Cash Loans Winner

As the 2021 Cash Loan award winner, CashnGo allows customers to borrow up to $2000, which can be paid back using flexible repayments on a schedule that you are comfortable with. Applying for a loan is easy and you can have the money in your bank account within a few minutes.

We make the terms and conditions of our personal loans crystal clear. You can see all of the upfront costs involved, which makes it simple to make informed financial decisions.

At CashnGo, we understand that many people run into financial trouble from time-to-time. Unfortunately, this can lead to a negative credit rating that makes it difficult to obtain additional finance. We won’t hold your bad credit history against you. Instead, we use an internal credit rating system called Step-Up to measure your ability to repay a loan.

After you obtain your first cash loan from us and repay it on time, our Step-Up program will improve your internal credit rating. We then make it easier for you to obtain additional finance and larger loans. This program can help you obtain finance when you need it - even if you start with a bad credit rating.

We are always upfront about the fees and interest rates associated with our loans. There are never any hidden fees and our repayment schedules are easy to understand. Our interest rates are extremely competitive compared to payday lenders, which greatly reduces the total cost of your loan.

As Australia's fastest-growing licensed lender, we are committed to protecting the security and financial health of our clients. We use high-level encryption to ensure that all of the confidential information you supply is kept safe.

However, the greatest benefit of using CashnGo is the speed of our loan application process. Our advanced online application system allows you to apply for a quick cash loan in a couple of minutes. Once the application has been submitted, our decisioning system will let you know if it is approved very quickly. If you are successful, the transfer of funds will occur within 60 minutes (usually instantly).


So What Do You Need To Apply For Your Cash Loan?


Personal details

You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan. We will ask you to provide us with your personal information and also a valid mobile number and email address.


Bank details

Forget payslips, bank statements and other paperwork. Our advanced in house technology enables you to use your internet banking details securely so that we can instantly verify your income and expenses all without using a third party provider. We will also facilitate direct bank transfers from your account on the day your repayments are due.


Recurring Income

You will need to have a recurring source of income; this can include income such as regular government payments or payments from your job.






Cash Loans

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Why Get a Cash Loan from CashnGo

Small Cash Loans are a great way to deal with unplanned expenses. Some of the reasons to use CashnGo Cash loans include:

Money Sent Straight To You Account
If your instant cash loan application is successful, we immediately deposit the funds into your account.

100% Secure
All applications are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption and your data will always remain confidential.

No Paperwork
You won’t have to spend hours completing paperwork or finding payslips.

Fast Application Process
We use an online application process which is extremely fast. In most cases, applicants will know if they have been approved within a few minutes. Best of all, there is no paperwork involved!

Flexible Automatic Repayments
Clients have the ability to decide how to pay back their loan, with weekly, fortnightly, or monthly automatic repayments.

Clear Fee Structure
Our fee structure is simple and easy to understand. There are no hidden fees.

Fee Free Early Repayments
If you decide to pay off your loan early, you won’t incur any additional fees.

Outstanding Customer Service
Our friendly customer service team is the best in the business. They can be reached on 13 13 11.

Why wait? Apply for a Cash Loan now and find out in just a few minutes whether you are eligible, usually with the cash transferred to your bank account within seconds.


Common Questions About Cash Loans

What is a Cash Loan?

A cash loan is a small personal loan which can be paid back very quickly. The approval process is also designed to be extremely simple and funds are transferred to successful applicants immediately.

Cash loans are unsecured loans. This means the applicant does not need to provide any security to receive the loan. Your eligibility to receive a CashnGo instant cash loan is determined by your current income levels and capacity to repay the loan. Your credit history or ability to put up collateral is not our primary concern.

Similar to a Cash Advance from the banks, Cash Loans are a way to keep you going, stress-free, with flexible repayments up to 5 months.

How do Cash Loans work?

You can borrow funds to spend on anything of your choosing by using cash loans. Typically known as a short-term personal loans, these loans generally have to be paid back within a set time frame for the cash amount borrowed plus any extra interest on top. We are transparent about all the amounts so there'll be no surprises along the way!

With flexible repayment terms depending on the amount borrowed, we offer cash loans online from $300 to $2,000. The application process can be completed while you are on the go or at home - on your mobile, tablet or PC/Mac - we make the process seamless and stress-free.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

This all depends on how much you need, your financial history and current financial circumstances. 

You can loan between $300-$2,000 (depending upon your ability to repay) using CashnGo's fast cash loans online. Rather than paying back the full amount in a single payment, you can repay the balance you borrowed (including the transparent fees) over 2-4 months.

How much would a $500 cash loan cost?

On a $500 CashnGo cash loan repaid over 3 months, the total amount you will pay back is $660.00. This calculation includes our application fee and monthly account fees of $160.00 on top of the borrowed amount. We are fully transparent about the amount you have to repay over a set period, so you can make sure the amount you borrowed is manageable within your budget and fits your longer-term financial goals.

What are cash loans used for?

Cash loans can be used for any purpose. The most common uses include paying for car repairs, furniture, wedding expenses, gifts, vacations, medical expenses, utility bills or that amazing show you just can't miss . They are useful for whenever you need quick cash now.

How long does the process take?

Our state of the art application is super simple and requires only a few minutes. If all goes well, then your loan amount will be in your account within an hour or two. And just so you know, our fastest ever funded application took ONLY 94 seconds.

When Will My Money Arrive?

The best part of getting an cash loan from CashnGo is the speed with which the cash arrives. Once you have been approved for a loan, we will instantly send the cash to your nominated bank account.

When can I apply for a cash loan?

Whenever you like! We are 100% online and our fast cash application process is available 24/7

Can I Still Get A CashnGo Fast Cash Loan with Poor Credit History or Bad Credit?

At CashnGo, we feel all Australians should have the ability to have access to the resources they most need. We take the broader context into perspective when certain other lending institutions only check the credit history of an individual when determining if they are ready to obtain any credit with them.

If you apply for a loan with a direct lender like CashnGo you should know that we take into account a number of factors when deciding if you will be able to meet your repayments. If you have been turned away for payday loans elsewhere, give us a (Cashn) Go!

How Customers Rate CashnGo's Cash Loans

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