Do you struggle with some of the boring aspects of life? Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning much less get out of bed!

Is saving a dirty word to you? Can’t remember when you last had enough cash to eat much less eat out!?

You’re not alone! Thousands of cash-strapped Millennials and Gen Xers are scratching their heads and wondering when and how life got so hard. They’re also asking themselves the question, “Why do some people suck at adulting?”

Self-parenting is where it’s at

There are thousands of people stumbling around in the world with a complete lack of direction and a lack of self-motivation; it’s an epidemic! Struggles with adulting are common but don’t panic! There’s an answer! It’s called Self-Parenting.

Self-Parenting is what it says on the tin. It’s basically pushing yourself a little bit harder than you’re comfortable with. Taking total responsibility for yourself and well…sucking less! Sucking less means having more cash; that’s a side-effect of self-parenting successfully.

Where does the fun stop?

We all want to be the sort of person who books holidays and has savings in the bank don’t we? We all want to understand the financial pages…well, maybe not that so much but you get the picture!

The problem is, where does the fun stop and the sense of responsibility begin? If you’re finding yourself regularly struggling for cash, it can get pretty tiresome right?

No matter which generation you were born into, if you’re reading this then you probably need to do some growing up.

How do we know this? Because proper adults don’t waste time reading articles telling them how to adult! Seriously…stop reading about how to live your life and just get on with it!

After you’ve read this of course.

Stop allowing yourself so much screen-time!

This is the first rule…the first change you need to make in your new self-parenting lifestyle. The internet is amazing isn’t it? It’s like a great big lolly shop just sitting on your desk. It’s there when you’re lonely, it’s there when you’re bored and when you need to buckle down and actually achieve something.

STOP. Stop letting yourself have so much screen time! Have some self-control.

Work out how much time you really spend online and then work out how much of that time is spent actually working. Allow yourself between 1 and 2 hours of time-wasting online and when you’ve used it up…that’s that!

Within as little as a week, you’ll start to see a difference in your life. Those wasted minutes can be used to improve your situation. Don’t hit play on yet another funny cat video…apply for that second job, register on that course and get yourself back on track!

Tidy your room!

Sort out that mess today! Self-Parent yourself! Your Mum or Dad wouldn’t let you get away with that mess would they? Neither should you!

Set aside half an hour per day and sort out the little things. Organise your wardrobe properly, tidy your junk drawers and clean up! Just do it. Once your home is clean and neat, you’ll find the rest starts to just fall into place.

Early bedtime for you!

No more late nights. Adults aren’t that different to children in that they do much better when they’ve got a routine. Allowing yourself to wander off to bed whenever you feel you’ve done enough binge-watching of RuPaul’s Drag Race or whatever your current fave show is, is not a good idea.

Most adults need between 7 and 8 hours sleep. If you don’t get it, then you won’t function well.

Be a good parent…to yourself!

Tuck yourself up at the same time every night. Be a good parent to yourself and stick to your routine. More sleep means more success (and better skin) after all!

Now you know where to start, you’ve got no excuses. Miracles will happen in your life if you stick to your new rules.

Just look after yourself for goodness sake!