Saving money can sometimes be hard, because life keeps throwing all sorts of unexpected expenses at us. And these days the rising costs of living along with our ever-growing aspirations, hardly leave any money to spare. Aren’t there times when you’ve wished you’d just had a little extra?

There are, however, some fairly easy ways to make some extra cash with little to almost no effort, like taking up same day loans or renting a room in your apartment. You could try budgeting strategies too. Also, if you’re lazy but in a money crunch, this might be the list for you. You’re probably going to do them all.

So read on to find ways to make money and actually keep it.

Plan and Start Today

The first and the most daunting task is probably to start, so do that right now. Decide on short-term and long-term goals, make lists and start taking small steps. You’re going to need a clear idea as to how much money you need right now and how much you need for the future. You might want to think of retirement funds too. Since you’re not going to work forever, it’s kind of important that you have enough money to be independent even after you retire.


Flip Items from Facebook Marketplace

Have you seen those thrift flip videos on YouTube, where they buy used items, make improvements and sell them off? Well, you can do that too if you want, starting right now. You could just get some items for free if you’re lucky, and you probably wouldn’t need to fix them up. And you could just flip them at a better price on Facebook Marketplace. It’s something that a lot of millennials do these days. It’s a great way to make some extra cash without a lot of investment or effort.


Rent Out a Part of Your House

Here’s another way to make some extra cash with probably just a bit of effort. You could rent out an unused room in your apartment to someone else. You get extra cash plus a new roommate. It would also serve to be a great way to meet new people in your life.


Fast Cash Loans

Fast cash loans would be the quickest possible way to get some extra cash. If you’re running on a deficit this month and you just don’t want to dip into your savings, same day loans would be your best option. These loans usually have different repayment options, so you’d be able to pay them off in parts too. You could get from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on your eligibility.


Set Spending Limits

Here’s something super easy. Set up limits for your monthly expenses and stick to them. Swear to yourself that you wouldn’t spend a single cent over your budget. It’s going to help you track your expenses too. Have a look at your bank statements and see where your money’s going. Get rid of those extra fees and interests too by looking at options your bank provides you.


The 50-20-30 Rule

The 50 —20 – 30 is a really simple budget rule that could possibly help manage your finances much better. It basically divides your earnings into three categories. The 50 is for your needs, that is, your bills, debts and rent. You absolutely cannot avoid these expenses. The 30 is actually for your wants, or stuff that you’d like to spend money on. The remaining 20 needs to go into your savings. This is for emergencies and for when you retire.

Some Final Thoughts

The 50-20-30 rule is a great way to divide your expenses, and it kind of goes along with setting up spending limits. You’ll need to wait till your next pay cycle to start on those strategies. You could start from flipping stuff on Facebook Marketplace or renting out your room. These would be comparatively faster means if you’re running short on cash right now.
If you’re in dire need of a substantial amount of money though, fast cash loans or same day loans would be the quickest options. Just decide on how and when you’d like to repay them.

The bottom line is that life needs to be fun, but it doesn’t really mean that you should keep spending until you run out of money. A bit of planning and some simple budgeting can help you save money for when you really need it.