There are many motivations for side hustling: paying off debt, testing out a business idea, or saving up for a big purchase like a house. There are just as many reasons not to start a side hustle. Limited time, insecurity about the value of your skills, and worries about whether the effort would translate to meaningful cash flow are all valid concerns. 

Pick Up Work on a Side Hustle Platform

The popular side-hustle facilitator and design platform Canva recently released information about which side hustles produce the most money for part-time freelancers in Australia. Canva is an Australian-based company with headquarters in Sydney. 

If you are considering a web-based side hustle, check out Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork. These popular platforms facilitate relationships between employers and freelancers. You can get hired, complete the work, and get paid through the platform in exchange for a portion of your fee. 

Canva published a list of the top 10 ranking side hustle jobs based on the average price (per job) across 50 of the most popular jobs on Fiverr completed in three or fewer days. Remember, these prices are per job. A single job could take a few hours or a few days to complete. 

Top 10 Side Hustle Jobs in Australia

Job Type

Average Price Per Job

Maximum Price

3D and 2D modelling



Proofreading and editing



SEO services



Website design






Blog post service



Social media advertising






Video making



Video editor



According to the information analysed by Canva, Australian-based side hustlers make an average of $766 per seller. Canva based their calculation on the base price of 50 commonly-offered jobs lasting three days or fewer. 

Australia ranked number seven of the top ten countries for part-time freelance work. This could mean that even though there's a demand for certain freelance services worldwide, there aren't enough freelancers offering these services in the country. Australians considering an extra income source could take advantage of the opportunity to join the ranks of part-time freelancers offering the services highlighted in the Canva study.

Get a Part-Time Job

About 7% of Australians have a second job. If you don't have the time or desire to ramp up your part-time freelance career, use a tried-and-true route to come up with extra money by getting a part-time job

As the holidays approach and the labour shortage continues, it may be easier than ever to land a part-time gig in a shopping centre or retail store. If you need short-term, part-time work and you don't mind face-to-face interaction with holiday shoppers, spending a couple of months at a short-term gig could provide the infusion of cash you need. You may even get an employee discount to help defray the cost of gift-giving and entertaining during the holiday season. 

If you love the nightlife, a part-time gig as a bartender may be the perfect side hustle. Bartending services are in high demand and a schedule involving only nights and weekends means you may be able to fit a few hours of bartending into your full-time work schedule. One of the more attractive aspects of bartending is the immediate access to cash. Many bartenders receive tips. On average, bartenders in Australia make $26.47 per hour, with the highest-paid bartenders bringing in $34.84 per hour. 

Start a Business

Starting your side gig business doesn't have to involve years of market research, budgeting, and pitching your idea to investors with the goal of being featured on the Business Insider site. Some of the most lucrative side gig businesses are quite boring. 

Etsy sellers can make a lot of money if they jump on a trend or fulfil an urgent need. A few tiny shops on Etsy made millions selling cute face masks in 2020. Even small sellers who decided to pivot to offer in-demand face masks made thousands during the months when masks were in high demand. 

The pandemic brought a boom of pet adoption, and now that some people are returning to the office, the demand for pet-sitting and dog walking has spiked. Two out of every five Australian households have a dog. Indeed lists the average rate of pay for a dog walker at $25.06 per hour. Pet sitters receive an average of $25.34 per hour. So if you can add pet sitting to your suite of services, you could make even more money. 

Join the Ranks of Contract Workers

About one million Australians are independent contractors with 11% of 18-34-year-olds picking up work on digital platforms. While it may not be ideal if you live in a remote area, city-dwellers can make decent money delivering food, providing transportation, or assembling furniture. There are more than 100 digital platforms offering to connect workers with paying gigs. 

On average, contract workers performing duties through a platform designed for independent contractors make an average hourly rate of $32.16 per hour - well above the current national minimum wage of $20.33 per hour. 

While part-time work, gig work, and starting a side business are all viable ways to make extra money, there may be times when you need to cover an emergency expense, but you don't have access to the funds. 

What to do if You Need Money Fast

Same day loans can help bridge the gap between the money you need and the money you have. You may have a one-time expense that you must address. Perhaps you don't make enough money and need to start a side hustle to increase your income. Fast cash loans may be able to help you get the money you need in a hurry. 

Anyone with a dependable income can fill out the online application 24/7. The process takes about five minutes. If approved, you'll have the money in as little as 30 minutes. Whether you are ramping up your side hustle or need to handle an unexpected expense, CashnGo is here to help.